2019 Group Photo

Our mission is to amplify the creative power held by people of color in games.

We do this by organizing revolutionary events, uniting our vibrant community, and building access to knowledge, funding, and opportunities.

Creators of color make great games but are often pushed to the margins. We fight to create a better games industry that is intersectional and equitable.

Originally founded by Catt Small and Chris Algoo in 2016, the Game Devs of Color Expo took shape when the two young game developers set out to pioneer a new market for showcasing games made by game creators of color. The first event, a games showcase with roundtable discussions, received rave reviews from attendees. Some even drove to New York City from out of state! Attendees asked when there would be another event, so Catt and Chris decided to pull in a larger team and host the second event at the Schomburg Center.

Wonderful developers showing their games
Charlene Maximum showcasing her game

The Game Devs of Color Expo continued in-person events for several years. Each year, attendance and partnerships with major organizations grew. We have had the honor of working with major gaming companies including Xbox, Nintendo, Niantic, Oculus, and Amazon Gaming.

In 2019, we offered our first grant to a game developer of color in the form of the Humble Bundle Game Creator of Color award. Ethan Redd, our first grant winner, received $15,000 to build a Humble Original game. Since then, we have given an additional $90,000 to six game developers of color.

Ethan Redd's Humble Bundle Game Creator of Color award
A Splash of different games and talks

In 2020, the event moved online and had its largest showing of all time. We are now embarking on our latest journey: 2021! Help us make it possible.

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Organizing team

Chris Algoo
Shawn Alexander Allen
Brian Carr
Brian Chung
GJ Lee
Catt Small


Rachél Bazelais
Megan Carriker
Alexyss Robinson
Réjon Taylor-Foster
Emperatiz Ung
Rey Vargas

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Thanks to past organizers and contributors!

Props to Kat Thompson, Jarryd Huntley, Raven Feagins, and Asia Hoe for helping us with in previous iterations of the event.

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